Understanding Centuries

A first step in teaching history should start with the process of understanding centuries.

While reading to the kids from our history book today, I came across the term "18th century," so I asked the kids to which years that was referring. Jaden responded correctly almost immediately, but Jerah just gave me a puzzled and confused look.

Suddenly aware that the direction of our lessons needed to take a small detour, I closed the history book, grabbed my handy-dandy white board and marker, and proceeded to draw a time line on the board so I could explain centuries to my daughter. It took only about 10 minutes of explanation and verbal drill, but she finally grasped the concept.

And with that information fresh in my mind (and looking for a good excuse not to wash the dishes), I was inspired to write up a learning worksheet about centuries.

So if your homeschooling materials don't include a good explanation of centuries for your kids, or if you've struggled with how to explain it, feel free to download this two-page pdf for your use. The first page explains how centuries are defined, and the second page has two sections of written drills where the student is required to write the equivalent century or years for the given information.

Image by gadl

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  1. says



    Can you come over to my house and teach me how to loose my compulsive dishwashing habit and start making cool homeschool stuff for the kids… I am not kidding!



  2. Jennifer says

    Hi, I just stumbled across your site and you have some great stuff! I was just talking with my daughter about the centuries the other day and now I find your worksheets! Thank you so much!


  3. Nicole Pressburger says

    Thank you so much, I was so confused how id managed to live for more or less 2 centuries and im only 24…. its all clear now im fine !!
    Thanks your daugter is very lucky to have such a clever human being !!


  4. Gurangad Kindra says

    WOW, this is awesome work,i was taught about the century system in my 8-9th grade(now in my 3rd year of business administration) , i knew it, but also knew that there was some link missing which is clarified now, thanks for sharing!!


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