You Know You're a Homeschooler When…

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Homeschoolers are different.

Sure, we put our pants on one leg at a time like everyone else, but there's just something unique about how we operate. Not in a bad way, but homeschooling is simply an atypical lifestyle.

And we're not homeschoolers only during the school day; homeschooling happens 24/7 for us.

So I though it would be fun to elaborate on that idea of how different homeschoolers really are. My awesome Five J's Facebook readers helped me finish the statement: "You know you're a homeschooler when…"  Feel free to add your own in the comments.

…your kids can play peacefully with kids of all ages, and help the littler ones join in. I see this every time we have a group get together. All the kids, 5-16 play capture the flag, and the bigs help the littles. Love it! — Katherine

…you do planning at 2am. Just to know when you are doing school and when you are taking breaks. Not even what you are learning. — Lucinda

…you ask for curriculum for your birthday! — Amanda

…burning dinner turns into a science experiment. — Tam

…you collect a few dead bugs in the name of science. — Jodie

…your kids have covered five subjects, and they are still in their pjs. — Melissa

…you take a trip to the beach and call it a field trip! Hey, it's 'B' week! — Mary

…a movie turns into a history lesson. — Jennifer

…your daughters have no idea who Justin Bieber is! — Lisa

…your 9-year-old asks the neighbor kids why they wear the same clothes every day, because he has never heard of school uniforms. — Amanda

…your 4-year-old talks to your dinner guests about optical illusions (or anything else she overheard you teaching the older ones about). — Carrie

…people are amazed that your 5-year-old is more well-rounded academically and socially than their 10-year-old. — Kay

…you are so busy that you don't get out of your pj's. — Rebecca

…when you can't wait until public school starts so you can have Chuck E. Cheese and Monkey Joe's all to ourselves in the mornings on our not back to school day. — Temeshia

…clothes shopping is all pj's. — Rhonda

…you panic and hope your kids get it right when someone asks what grades they are in (and consider taping a "6th grade" sign to their bed so they will know for the next time.) — Connie

…your friends and family are never surprised to know that you picked up a toad, mantis, moth, butterfly, caterpillar, or ant… and brought it inside. — Anna

…asked what grades your kids are in, your husband shrugs and looks to you for an answer and your reply includes the 'words' "ish" and "sort of". — Amanda

…you walk through the "school suppy" aisle at the store, and only buy a pencil sharpener (because you still have everything else). — Kathy

…you only go "school shopping" every 2 or 3 years and stock up when things are a penny. — Dawn

…you kill a gnat during dinner and immediately haul out the microscope to look at it. — Suzann

…people ask your kids when they start back to school and the kids turn to look at you. — Suzann

…people look at you sideways and ask you why your kids have clip boards on a Tuesday morning at the Bulk Food store (weights and measures and math, oh my!) — Trina

…you have school supplies all over the house. — Melissa

…your 5-year-old says she's glad her Mommy is her teacher….I know, I know, this kind of attitude is probably fleeting but I am enjoying it for now. — Lindsey

…friends constantly compliment how polite your kids are…little do they know you had a 2-week Etiquette Camp because 'you can create whatever camp you want!' — Pamela

…you put off going to the library until after public school starts, so you can practically have the library all to yourselves. — Kimarie

…you actually like your children and wouldn't want your life any other way (even on the bad days.) — Jennifer

…you find great glee in teaching your five year old the difference between 'spherical' and 'circular' just for fun. And when his statement "your EYEBALLS are SPHERICAL!" is the highlight of your week. — Amber

When the kids at the park stop to listen to a volunteer telling them how and why he volunteers to clean the park. — Aron

…you're giving a spelling test to 3 kids, and they are all spelling different words. and NONE of them are using paper and pencil. — Rachel

…your hs'ing sister prompts you to leave school for a moment to like a blogger's Facebook page just to see a hysterical list on "You know you're a homeschooler when…" — Beth

…an adult can have a completely pleasant conversation with my 5-year-old and then moments later be utterly concerned about the sweet kindergartener's socialization. — Beth

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  1. says

    I loved this!! My favorite "unique homeschool situation" is when people ask my children, "Where do you go to school?" and my 8-year-old pipes up and happily replies, "Oh, we don't go to school!" :)


  2. says

    i would like to add one, if I may. All week I have been getting posts from public school moms all over that say things like, "Yay! Tomorrow I am FREE!" or "One more day until the rugrat goes back to school!" and so on…it breaks my heart cuz all I can think is that those poor little ones (usually below 6th grade in these cases) have a mom that WANTS them to leave!

    So, I add this one…
    When you ground your children because they grew, AGAIN! That is so NOT allowed in my house! LOL

    We are so very blessed and grateful to have our guys at home…right where they belong!


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