Test Answer Sheets (Wordly Wise & Story of the World)

To save money, I often create generic test answer sheets so the kids do not mark in the test booklets. This way I can reuse my curriculum whenever possible. I thought others might also be able to benefit from them, so I've posted them as PDFs for anyone to download and utilize.

The first answer sheet below is an "A through E, circle the letter" answer sheet which we use with Wordly Wise tests. Each Wordly Wise test varies in length, so I included 50 answers to accomodate any length of test. This has made it especially easy to grade the tests since the answers are in the back of test booklet itself; it has prevented me from having to flip back and forth in the test booklet when I grade.



(just click link to download)

The second answer sheet is one we use with Story of the World tests. SOTW tests aren't very consistent in their format (with a different number of fill-in-the-blank, multiple choice, and true-false questions from test to test), which is why I left a blank for each answer instead of a choice of answers to circle. There are times the answer sheet doesn't fit exactly right with a certain test, like when one question asks for an answer in a list form (like the names of continents, countries, etc.) For those questions, I simply have the kids write the answer to that question on the back. Like Wordly Wise tests, the Story of the World tests vary in length, but they all seem to end with an essay-type question. To accommodate the answer, I put the essay question blank at the bottom and the kids just write their answer there regardless of the question number.



(just click link to download)

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