Why We Chose Homeschooling over Public School

Many people ask me why we homeschool our children instead of sending them to public school. I answered that question recently in a guest post over at Life as MOM. You might also like to read about that fateful day when the Mayan Indians first caused us to consider homeschooling.

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  1. says

    I didn't know you were a Texan! Although we've been homeschooling since the beginning, I started much the same as you did. I read and read and read some more. Really gave me a lot of perspective.
    Just recently read a great one: When You Rise Up by RC Sproul Jr. I loved it!


  2. CC says

    I have a 3yo and an 18 month old, and my husband and I are planning on a 3rd, but we're not sure about spacing. We don't want the kids to be too far apart. We will be trying homeschooling for our oldests's kindergarten year, with the hopes of continuing on. I realize you never know what God has in store in terms of fertility, timing, etc. Do you think your first attempt at homeschooling would have been more or less difficult if you were taking care of a 1 year old instead of a newborn?? I don't want to set myself up for failure!


    Joy Reply:

    @CC, I wouldn't say that having a newborn was the main reason my first attempt was such a failure. It was more that I was n't prepared (didn't do any reading ahead of time or speak with anyone who homescholed), I was using the Abeka curriculum (which is very teacher-intesive), and I was homeschooling with the goal of getting my son into the 'higher' class when he went back to school instead of working at his pace. Having a newborn just complicated a situation that was already doomed to failure.

    When we pulled the kids out this last time, I was much better prepared. Reading a lot about homeschooling, talking to other homeschool moms, and realizing that I wasn't bound to a particular scope and sequence were the main things that made our second attempt a success.

    So I say all that to say that the age of your children doesn't really make it or break it, especially for kindergarten. Have you read my post about homeschooling kindergarteners? http://fivejs.com/how-to-homeschool-your-kindergartener/


    CC Reply:

    @Joy, Thanks so much for your response! I have definitely read your post on homeschooling kindergarteners, and LOTS of your other posts. I found your blog during my voracious research phase when I was trying to decide if we want to homeschool. I spent hours reading your archived posts, and continue to check back here often! Your blog is a WONDERFUL resource! Thanks so much for doing it.

    My biggest obstacle is waiting until my oldest daughter is ready to start. I've got so many ideas brimming from my teaching classes in college and my current research. But I am waiting until kindergarten age. For the first year I plan on working on the basics in a very relaxed way (as you have discussed), which will help since I'll be taking care of (hopefully) two younger kids!


  3. says

    Joy, there were many reasons we chose to homechool, which I am sure are similar to yours and many other families out there. I just wanted to leave a comment for all to ponder and think about. We lost our son, Ethan, in a tragic accident almost a month ago. A few days after the accident, my husband was talking about the sacrifices I had made for our boys, and how blessed we were to be a homeschool family. He, and many others, have mentioned how much more time we were able to spend together as a family. Precious time that we would have have had if Ethan would have been in public school. God knew what He as doing when He laid the desire to homeschool on my heart. Anyway, just something I wanted others out there to ponder and consider. We do not know the days we have on this earth, and if I could just say from personal experience–hug your kids and love them! Spend all the time that you have, because you can say, "Oh, we will do that tomorrow." But we are not guaranteed tomorrow.

    In Memory of Ethan Joshua Wallace, for those who would like to read his obituary: http://www.mem.com

    When you arrive at the page, look on the left hand side, and enter his name in the provided spots.

    God bless,

    Proverbs 3:5
    Matthew 7:12


    Joy Reply:

    @Shannon, Oh, Shannon, I am SO sorry to hear of your loss. Thank you so much for your testimony and your earnest reminder that we should spend as much time as we can with our kids. I know I sometimes tend to take my family for granted amid the busyness of life. You have definitely given me something to ponder.

    May God bless your family and give you comfort in knowing that He is control.


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