The Breakfast Challenge: Summary and Recipe Link-up


In case you missed out on our Breakfast Challenge this last week, I thought I'd summarize the results. I had planned seven breakfasts, but ended up making only five of them. While that's not what I was shooting for, it is better than I had been doing (which was nothing at all).

  • Corn cakes were planned for Monday. I made these without a problem, and the verdict from the kids was 2 to 1, with the girls liking them (as I knew they would) and Jaden opted for cereal. Corn cakes will go on my master menu plan for sure since this was already a tried-and-true breakfast we've done in the past.
  • Tuesday I made an oven omelet. Jaden again had cereal, but Jeff and the girls really liked the dish, so this will also be going on my master menu plan.
  • Chocolate buttermilk muffins were a big hit on Wednesday. All three kids devoured them, but since I made a double batch, there were still plenty to put in the freezer. I suffered from a bit of mommy-guilt serving this, so I asked my readers to help me make the recipe a little healthier. I look forward to trying out some of their suggestions.
  • Thursday I failed to plan, so I didn't make the overnight whole wheat breakfast cake that was on the schedule. I hope to put this in the breakfast rotations next week.
  • Friday we had bacon and egg breakfast burritos which I had prepared the day before. These were a huge hit with everyone, so this will absolutely be going on my master menu plan.
  • Saturday's verdict on peanut butter baked oatmeal was mixed. Jeff wanted more peanut butter, Jaden wanted less, and although the girls both ate their serving and said they liked it, Jerah also commented that she doesn't like the texture of oatmeal. I enjoyed the pb baked oatmeal enough that I'll be putting it on our master menu plan, at least for now, but planning to make a few changes. I might even take Joely's suggestion and add in a few chocolate chips!
  • I didn't plan well for Sunday, and breakfast puffs would have taken too much time and effort to prepare on a morning when I'm extra-short on time; so the family chose to YO-YO (You're On Your Own) breakfast instead, which worked just fine.

Don't forget to read how Amanda's Breakfast Challenge week went.

Amanda and I are really excited about adding some more breakfast recipes to our master menu plans, so here's your chance to join in. Do you have some breakfast recipes you'd like to share? Perhaps you chose to join us in this challenge and tried out a few new recipes on your own? Link up to your breakfast recipes below. We're excited to add some new recipes to our menu!

We're beginning our Lunch Challenge on Monday. We'd love for you to participate with us. Just focus on making lunches each day this week, and maybe even trying out some new recipes. Then next Monday we'll host another Mr. Linky where you can share your lunch recipes with the rest of us. If you don't want to participate in the Lunch Challenge, we'd still love for  you to link up any delicious lunch recipes next week.


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  1. Deanna says

    I stumbled across your site and love it. Here is a good idea for a quick nutritious breakfast (and sometimes dinner!) recipe. I just made my portions up but the main idea is individual breakfast casseroles.

    Cubed bread
    Veggies that you need to clear out of the fridge (or frozen)
    cheese (optional)

    Spray down muffin pan. Mix eggs and milk (combination you like for scrambled eggs or quiche – more than you think) in separate bowl. I use an old-fashioned egg beater for this. Just make sure that the mixture is well mixed.
    Place cubed bread in muffin pans. I put a little more than a single layer. Place your veggies on top. This could be frozen peas and carrots, mixed veggies, spinach, broccoli – whatever. Just remember that it has to cook to your liking in about 20 minutes in the oven. Spoon over egg mixture until level with top of muffin tin. If you plan on putting cheese in the mixture, then back off the egg mixture a bit and sprinkle this on top.

    Place in 375 oven until done. Start checking around 15-18 minutes. When you shake the pan and nothing jiggles, then it's done.

    My family eats these up! They are quick, easy, freeze well and self contained. They are great for using up small amounts of leftover veggies too.

    P.S. The more milk you put in the egg mixture the more they will pop up. If you like spicy, try peppers or hot sauce in a couple.


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