Early Preparation for the SAT

I wished that they had the SAT question of the day when I was in school. It would have been a fun way to prepare for the SAT testing I did toward the end of my High School education.

When I was in high school, I didn't prepare specifically for taking the SAT. Sure, I took the PSAT, but other than that, I didn't study any extra. And unfortunately I think that lack of preparation was reflected in my score. How much better would I have done if I'd simply made a concerted effort to prepare?

SAT Tests

It might sound like an excuse, but there really are so many more options available today for preparing for the SAT than when I took it in the late 80's. If you visit the official College Board website, I think you'll see what I mean. A number of free online activities are now available to help students practice for the SAT.

Even though my kids aren't teens yet — well, my son turns 13 this summer (yikes!) — we're doing some test prep already. It's painless, but it's a great way to get the kids familiar with not only the content of the SAT, but also the structure of the questions. And it takes only a minute or so each day.

Each morning Jerah, Jaden, and I answer the SAT Question of the Day that arrives in our inbox. Some of the questions are, of course, harder than others, but even the hard ones provide a valuable opportunity to learn something. My kids are even having fun trying to answer these high-school-level questions, even if they don't always get the answers correct. And I'm having fun too, discovering that I've learned a little bit since taking the SAT so many years ago.

SAT (and ACT) test scores can be a major factor in a college application, especially for homeschoolers. Since college admissions officers generally don't look at a homeschooler's grades much when evaluating a college application, having a solid SAT/ACT score is very important.

I'd strongly suggest visiting the College Board website to see how you might be able to help your student prepare for the SAT.

If for nothing else the Sat question of the day can afford you as a homeschool teacher a chance to guide your students in how to discover the answer to some fun questions.

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