Latin Noun Declension Chart

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I made a verb conjugations chart a couple weeks ago, and I've finally gotten around to making up a latin noun declensions chart. You can download a printable chart here. The chart was designed to go along with Latina Christiana I so I only included the first two declensions. Next year, when we do LCII, I'll make up charts for the rest of the declensions and conjugations that are covered in the curriculum.


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  1. sarah says

    this helped me SO much in latin!

    im a very visual person and this chart is very helpful!

    i cant wait untill you make the rest of the charts!

    thank you soo muchh!


  2. Diana says

    just wondering ….
    I love the declension chart you created, do you by chance have one for the 3rd – 5th declensions?


  3. says

    Thanks for the charts and thanks for a very interesting website!

    Charts are a God send when studying Latin, kind of like the tables when studying Math.


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