Make Your Own Digital TV Antenna

It may not look like much but our homemake digital TV antenna works for us.

We don't have cable or satellite TV. Instead, for the last five years we've used rabbit ears to get the few channels we've been able to get. We got a flat screen TV for Christmas, and that's improved our reception a little, but still, our rabbit ears leave a lot to be desired.

Then sometime last week my husband found this post and video about how to make your own digital television antenna, do he thought he'd give it a shot. The estimated cost for the project was less than $20, so it really wasn't a huge risk. If it didn't work, we wouldn't be out a ton of money.

Last weekend he picked up the few supplies he needed, and then he spent a couple of hours putting the antenna together. He wasn't too sure it would work, but when he plugged it in, it worked beautifully! Sure, it may not be as pretty as a store-bought antenna, but it works just as well, and it was definitely a frugal choice.


Jeff didn't build the base the way the instructions directed because of the materials we already had on hand, so our final cost was just under $10! Now that's cheap! Here's our price breakdown:

  • 75-300 Ohm TV transformer…$5.49
  • Package of screws…$1.54
  • Package of washers…$.97
  • 10-Pack of Wire hangers (needed only 6)…$1.56
  • 3 in x 20 in piece of wood (we used scraps we had on hand)…$0
  • Brackets for mounting (we had some on hand)…$0
  • TOTAL COST: $9.56

I'm sure Martha Stewart wouldn't approve of this DIY antenna adorning the top of our entertainment center, but frankly, I couldn't care less. I think our frugal little antenna is a good thing all the same!

Currently this antenna was borrowed when my parents moved next door to us and did not have an attenna. We found a subsitute that we are currently using that some in the family says is no better than the homemade digital TV antenna above. That's a matter of opinion.

For more Frugal Fridays, visit Biblical Womanhood.

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  1. Lisa says


    I had heard that the digital gives you more channels with better reception…is that the case? We were put on a waiting list to get the coupon for the one that the goverment is offering. This would be much cheaper and would love to do this.
    Thanks for your post, Lisa


  2. says

    Wow that is soooooooooo neat. If we ever do end up getting a updated tv we will for sure try this ! Thanks for the link. I love links like this that are do it yourself kind of ideas. Your hubby did GREAT. If you want to make it more modern just paint it black. [0= It is a GREAT conversation piece !

    Blessings in Him<
    -Mary @Raising 4 Godly Men


  3. says


    For us it DID give us more channels. With the converter box, we still weren't able to get PBS's digital signal (which is one channel we watch a LOT). With the antenna we get it just fine, along with several other channels we didn't get before.


  4. Ray Green says

    The info provided on this antenna is great and should be put to use. The antenna is
    great. I have built 2 and both out performed the best Radio Shack has to offer. My daughters $139.00 Antenna was produceing a stop and broken signal. i replaced it with this home built coathanger modle and she is getting a strong signal from the same location.

    Thanks Ray


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