Common Sign Abbreviations

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Teaching your child to read must also include the life skill of recognizing common road abbreviations.

If you saw the abbreviations EXPY, JCT, MTN and BLVD, you'd likely have no problem understanding what they mean.

But would your children know?

Consider taking a few minutes and introducing your children to some common abbreviations they will see thousands of times throughout their lives. Write the abbreviations on some index cards or pull out your white board to make it fun and painless.

Here's a short list of abbreviations you can start with. These will commonly be seen on street signs or in addresses. (These abbreviations are based on the list officially used by the United States Postal Service.)

AVE Avenue
BLVD Boulevard
BYP Bypass
CIR Circle
CT Court
CRK Creek
DR Drive
EXPY Expressway
FWY Freeway
HWY Highway
JCT Junction
LN Lane
MT Mount
MTN Mountain
RDG Ridge
ST Street
SMT Summit
TER Terrace
TRL Trail
TPKE Turnpike

Click here for a more complete list of abbreviations from

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  1. says

    Hadn't thought about this – although I should have, since one of my daughters recently asked how to pronounce the word "etc."! Thanks for the reminder!
    .-= Tracey´s last blog ..Live Well! =-.


  2. says

    This is such a valuable lesson that so many overlook – inlcuding my parents and the schools I attended. In college I took a drive to Canada and I remember vividly seeing a sign with "FWY" and saying outload "Is that the Fortway we want? Wait a minute… What's a fortway?" I thought my friend was going to wreck the car from laughing so hard! (Or, as we used to say back in the day, "Have a cow.") I had never before seen a sign for a freeway, that I know of. (I actually think that I thought all roads were free, back in the day.)
    .-= Chick Hatchers´s last blog ..Dryer Safety – Works for Me Wednesday =-.


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