Interactive Tutorial for Learning the U.S. Postal Abbreviations

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I have added an interactive tutorial to help your students learn the postal abbreviations.

I have this thing about postal abbreviations. For some strange reason I think that having children learn them is useful — much more useful than learning the state capitals.

We see postal abbreviations everywhere: on envelopes, on forms, in headlines, on news crawls on television, in airport terminals, and in so many other places. Obviously if your children know the U.S. postal abbreviations, they'll be better prepared for the real world.

How to learn the U.S. Postal Abbreviations

Last year I wrote an ebook called Learning the States and Postal Abbreviations that includes flashcards, maps, and worksheets to help children learn the concepts.

But I'm a huge fan of interactive online learning as well. Yesterday I put up a new page on that serves and an interactive tutorial on the U.S. postal abbreviations.

Quite simply the tutorial lists the names and silhouettes of the 50 states. To see the abbreviations, you hover over the name with your cursor and the postal abbreviation pops up. Not only that, but the letters in the state name which form the abbreviation are highlighted to help you remember the abbreviation better.

Here's a screenshot of how the interactive tutorial works.

If learning the U.S. postal abbreviations isn't on your homeschooling to-do list to teach your kids, I'd strongly suggest you add it. If you want some help in teaching it, you can download my Learning the States and Postal Abbreviations ebook here and use the interactive tutorial as well. (If you want to access the tutorial easily in the future, you'll be able to find it in the menu bar at the top of under 'Homeschool Resources'.)

NOTE: The interactive tutorial may not work on mobile devices.

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