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My oldest two children used Mavis Beacon's typing course to learn to type a couple of years ago. It was a great program, and both kids can now type very well.

But we just discovered that the Mavis Beacon cd won't work on my youngest daughter's computer. So I did some research to find some online typing lessons that she can learn from instead.

I was able to find several online sites that basically constitute a free homeschooling typing curriculum when used together. I should add, of course, that you definitely don't need to be a homeschooling family to use these excellent typing resources for your children.

1. Learn each of the keys from Dance Mat Typing

This is a full-fledged typing course for kids, systematically teaching them practically every key of the keyboard. The lessons are animated and fun, and while I think some time is wasted in the animated sections of the lessons, the step-by-step process is very thorough. The program is unintimidating and highly effective.

2. Practice typing full words and sentences with

Once all the keys on the keyboard are learned, children can move on to They have the choice to practice typing random words/non-words, to practice custom text, or to practice the text from any website or blog. Practicing typing real words is the best way to hone a child's typing skills, so I'd suggest using the custom text of website/blog option. (You'll need to click the button above the keyboard next to word Tutorial to change the text settings.) shows the student's speed, errors, as well as the particular keys which are the weakest. This site is extremely well-designed and offers enough custom features to make it useful for a long time without getting boring.

3. Practice typing with free keyboarding games

Free Online Typing Games and Keyboarding Games For Kids both offer a variety of typing and keyboarding games that will help your children practice their typing skills in a fun environment. These games wouldn't teach your children to type, but they will definitely give them excellent opportunities to review and enhance their typing skills.

Do you have favorite online typing and keyboarding resources you'd like to share?

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  1. says

    Great post Joy. If I may, I'd like to suggest another resource your readers may be interested in. has a whole bunch of online typing tests which track typing speed and accuracy over time. The passages for the tests are pulled from various inspirational sources, giving users a little dose of insight and perspective as they type.


  2. says

    thank you so much for this!! i planned on buying mavis beacon for my 9 yo daughter to use as part of our homeschool curriculum for this next school year…but i'm going to start her on these this summer! it's like you read my mind! :)


  3. Joy says

    @Karen, I'm of the opinion that if the child is interested, it's the perfect opportunity to have them start. My 7yo is learning to type on a Netbook, so the keyboard is a little smaller to fit her hands. That might be something to consider. But overall, I'd say go for it. It couldn't hurt. :)


  4. Janice Nelson says

    My kids really love the Dance Mat Typing. It makes it fun and they actually do learn. Thanks for the other resources also!


  5. brianna says

    thank you so much for this i am 13 and im not so good at typing so i took an online typing test and it said i was average to be exact 20 so i was looking for ways to improve for school next year cause we type up a lot of essays and stuff and i took another test after useing this site and i am now an expert typer around 85 so thanks


  6. says

    How did this work out? Did you wish you had just bought the Mavis Beacon? Did your daughter do well? I've tried online programs here and there, but are considering buying MB this year. Thanks!


    Joy @ Five J's Reply:

    Well, my 9yo can type fairly well now, so I'm going to assume that it worked adequately for her :)


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