My Top 10 Favorite Math Resources

  1. Sheppard Software Math: Online math drills and math games from early math, basic operations, measurement, all the way up to pre-algebra.
  2. Number Nut: Dozens and dozens of online activities and games, for both basic and advanced students.
  3. Math-U-See: Online math drills. You can specify the operations, as well as limit the particular facts that are drilled.
  4. Math Practice: Downloadable freeware for Mac and PC. Timed drills, math squares, number sentences, and more.
  5. Worksheet Works: Printable worksheet generator for basic facts, number systems, geometry, calculator skills, money, probably, pre-algebra, and more.
  6. The Math Worksheet Site: Printable worksheet generator. Basic operations, measurement, graphic, and telling time. There are quite a few worksheet available for free, but they also have a reasonably-priced subscription section that gives you access to the full range of worksheets, one a number of additional math topics. You can request a free test drive of the subscriber section. Just click the link on their sidebar under Test Drive This Site.
  7. Skoool: UK site with a large number of high-quality, animated tutorials and activities for all levels. Primary | Intermediate | Advanced
  8. Derek Owens: Mr. Owens teaches online classes in math and science and has made his complete pre-algebra course videos available for free online. These are very well-done and are organized by subject so you can watch the specific video you might need.
  9. Khan Academy: Literally hundreds of videos, from basic arithmetic up to advanced math like calculus and trigonometry.
  10. And don't forget I have a number of free math-related printables, including charts and flashcards on angles, volume, divisibility, coordinate planes, and more.

Do you have any free online math resources that I have not mentioned that you find useful? Let me know if you do.



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  1. says

    Have you heard of the math teacher that came up with a simple way to teach two and three digit multiplication and division (it had something to do with adding the digits that are being multiplied)? I saw a short thing on tv a couple of weeks ago, but I don't have any other information. The kids they were showing were doing two and three digit multiplication in their heads in just seconds – it was amazing. Have you heard about it?


    Joy Reply:

    I think I know who you mean, but no, I don't know anything about his method. I'd sure be interested in finding out more about it though!


  2. says

    Wow!!! These were awesome websites and I am VERY impressed! I currently teach math K-5 and present at technology in education conferences. These 10 links are truly some of the best websites that I have found and I will use them and will refer your website/blog in my future presentations! Thank you for providing such a great resource for not only parents but teachers as well. You should think of applying to present at FETC and ISTE!!! Well done!


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