For the Love of the Oxford Comma

In case you missed the fact that I adore the Oxford comma (and the reasons why I think you should love it, too), here's a fabulous infographic that might explain more.

The Oxford Comma

Courtesy of: Online Schools

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  1. Julie James says

    I find it sooooo funny that I should see an article about the Oxford Comma again. A coworker of mine, just this last weekend, asked me if schools are now teaching this. She said that she was taught (as was I) that no comma is needed before the "and" or "or" in a sequential list. Although I didn't remember the term "Oxford Comma," I was able to tell her that "Yes, that's how it is taught these days."


  2. says

    Thank you! We must stop the madness! First they take away the Oxford comma. Next, people will stop capitalizing "President" when they're referring to the President of the United States! How far is too far! On a serious note, I worry about English education as we sink further into the digital era.


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