What's Your Favorite Homeschool "School Supply"?

I asked this question on Facebook and got some interesting replies about how people utilize different "school supplies" in their homeschool. But in case you missed the conversation on Facebook, I wanted to ask the question here as well.

So, what's your favorite homeschool "school supply" and how do you use it? Leave a comment to share. If you have a blog, feel free to leave a link to a post if it's relevant to your comment.

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  1. Rhoda says

    Composition notebooks. My children are not reading yet, but they do draw A LOT!! These are the best way to keep their doodles/drawings/time fillers together. I also have the joy of seeing the progression of their abilities develop and grow. We will be reading and writing soon, so it will be interesting to see how that develops in their "journals". Down side–these are starting to take up a lot of room, but again, so worth it.


  2. Christina says

    I love different colored pens so I can separate what is for each kid, we have 4 schooling and 2 auditing right now. I also love post-its, binders and folders with brads. I use folders to keep references that I find online separated by subject. I would most likely drowned in paper if I didn't have my smartphone too. I keep my shopping list, recipes we use often, and notes on books, movies, music to look for as well as calander for appointments and activites. I do keep a hard copy of the calander though…


  3. Diana Gordon says

    Avery Notetabs. I use them for books marks because they stick and don't fall out the the books. Priceless.


  4. Stefanie says

    Post-its of various shapes and sizes! I use them for bookmarks, notes to myself, lists; whatever. I like to use different colors for books with answer keys, one for me and one for DS. When we are reading a history lesson and I'm not sure how to pronounce something, I can write the phonetic spelling on my post-it. They are great for reminders also. The really great part is that I have so many free sample lists that I haven't had to buy them just for school for years.
    When we did K-3, we also used a lot of quart and gallon size zipper bags for separating all our different math materials, flash cards, etc.


  5. Keri says

    I love buying note books, crayons & school glue. IDK something about a buggy full of highly discounted items does something to me 😉

    ~> This year I got notebooks for 20cents, Crayons for 20Cents and Glue for 40 cents !!!

    Sahm to my 2 little Online Learners


  6. Shelly says

    I would agree with all of the above! Personally, my faves are binders, page protectors, multi-colored fine permanent pens, and my little dolloar store date stamp to put on the kids' schoolwork as a reference to when they did the work. HTH!


  7. Michele says

    Our big SUV. We use it to go the park, multiple field trips, extra classes, music lessons, sports activities, parent meetings. We do our school in it while waiting for another sibling to finish an activity, it doubles as a retreat for me when I just need a place to be alone for a minute. We have endless school lessons about science, math, religion, history while riding around in it, and getting gas becomes a monetary lesson. We lunch and sometimes even dinner before activities in it! We transport drama sets in it, robotics teams, and skiis for ski trips in it- it is the homeschooling mom's best friend! :)


    Joy Reply:

    Love it!!!


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