How to Incorporate Current Events into your Homeschool Day

Student News Daily

Incorporating current events in your homeschool curriculum can be difficult or easy depending on how you go about it. Do you remember Weekly Readers from elementary school? Those age-appropriate newspapers would give us some basic information about current events…albeit not terribly current. In the age of the internet, it's much easier to find up-to-the-minute information […]

Learn the States and Postal Abbreviations


One thing that is lacking in most curriculum is a good way to teach postal abbreviations. Sure, postal abbreviations don't sound very important at first, but think about how many times you see them? On the news. In books. In the mail. At the airport.  Knowing the difference between MI, MO, and MT is probably […]

Discover Africa Notebooking Packet Review

discover africa notebooking packet

In the last semester of last school year, my youngest daughter told me she wanted to study Africa.  I didn't know of any curriculum off the top of my head, so I did a little research and we ended up using Journey Into Africa. It turned out to be a pretty good curriculum, but even […]

Curriculum Review: Eat Your Way Around the World and Geography Through Art

Homeschool Geography Curriculum: Eat Your Way Around the World and Geography Through Art

Geography is one of my kids' favorite subjects, so I was excited when I was given the opportunity to review a couple of unique geography books: Eat Your Way Around the World and Geography Through Art, both of which are published by Geography Matters, a great homeschool geography curriculum company. Eat Your Way Around the […]