Celsius and Fahrenheit Conversion Chart


If you have ever been stumped helping your homeschool do temperature conversions then the Celsius and Fahrenheit conversion chart below will hopefully clear the air and make it easier for you and your child. The subject of temperature, boiling points, and Celsius vs. Fahrenheit arose during Jaden's science lesson today. It served as a reminder […]

Excellent Animal and Marine Life Videos

Marine Life Videos

The next time you're looking for some videos of marine life or animal life, you need to check out OceanFootage.com and NatureFootage.com. Both sites actually offer stock footage for licensing, but the videos are available for viewing, so homeschoolers can easily use the site for educational purposes. The videos on both sites are organized in […]

The WorldWide Telescope Project


Want your kids to study astronomy? Have you ever heard of Microsoft's WorldWide Telescope project? I have to admit, I'm always pretty leery of anything produced by Microsoft (I'm a diehard Mac lover myself), but when I took a look at what the WorldWide Telescope project was, I was very impressed. It's a homeschooler's dream, […]

NASA's High School Aerospace Scholars Program

Texas Aerospace Scholars

Looking for science enrichement opportunities? Is your son or daughter interested in science and aeronautics? If your child is also high school junior and a Texas resident, s/he might be interested in NASA's High School Aerospace Scholars Program, an interactive on-line learning experience, highlighted by a six-day internship where selected students are encouraged to study […]