4-Quadrant Coordinate Plane Math Strategy Game


Joely was learning about 4-quadrant coordinate planes today, so we looked up the coordinate plane game that I posted earlier this year so we could play it. Unfortunately I discovered that the game I'd made only included one quadrant, not all four. So instead of just printing out a separate 4-quadrant plane from another site […]

My Top 10 Favorite Math Resources


Sheppard Software Math: Online math drills and math games from early math, basic operations, measurement, all the way up to pre-algebra. Number Nut: Dozens and dozens of online activities and games, for both basic and advanced students. Math-U-See: Online math drills. You can specify the operations, as well as limit the particular facts that are […]

Key To Fractions Curriculum


This is my favorite fractions curriculum but the series is not limited to fractions only. Joely has long been fascinated with fractions. So now that she's doing Singapore Math 3, and she's got a good handle on multiplication and division, I've finally pulled out the big guns — in my opinion one of the best […]

Cooking Measurement and Conversion Chart

basic kitchen measurements and conversions

Cooking measurements can lead to a math lesson and a conversion chart can reinforce that lesson when needed. While Joely was doubling the recipe for her super-chocolately cake the other day, I noticed that she was having trouble doubling certain measurements. So for math today, we sat down and talked fractions, kitchen measurements, and conversions […]

Math Drills with FlashMaster


My kids now enjoy their math drills as they are fun and easy and can be done anywhere. In the past I've used a variety of methods to help my kids practice their basic math facts. They've drilled on paper with worksheets from The Math Worksheet Site or Worksheet Works; they've also drilled online at […]

Help Your Kids Visualize Distances and Measurements


Judging distances and measurements, especially large measurements, is difficult for kids. 10 feet? 50 feet? Visualizing how long those distances actually are is a challenge. What we've found that really helps is having something familiar and concrete to compare distances to. So for my own kids, I decided to give them some models for comparison, […]

A "Build-Your-Own" Math Curriculum

Works for Me Wednesday

Don't think building your own math curriculum is scary. All kids learn differently and especially in the area of mathematics. This works for me. If someone were to ask me what homeschooling philosophy I follow, I'd probably say, "A little of this…a little of that." I don't subscribe to any one philosophy—or curriculum for that […]