Resources for Teaching Children About Idioms

How to Teach Your Kids about Idioms

Teaching children about idioms beyond an explanation every time one comes up can be challenging but it is a necessary life skill. One could argue that the study of idioms falls under the umbrella of the three R’s, but in reality, idioms are generally taught—if at all—only haphazardly in regular language arts curriculum. Yet understanding […]

Weekly Homeschool Conference & Evaluation Forms


The life skill of self evaluation is learned when we do our weekly homeschool conference and evaluation form. In the course of homeschooling, it's helpful to look back over the previous week to evaluate what's working and what is not. One thing I'm going to be implementing with my children is a weekly conference and […]

Cooking Measurement and Conversion Chart

basic kitchen measurements and conversions

Cooking measurements can lead to a math lesson and a conversion chart can reinforce that lesson when needed. While Joely was doubling the recipe for her super-chocolately cake the other day, I noticed that she was having trouble doubling certain measurements. So for math today, we sat down and talked fractions, kitchen measurements, and conversions […]