DIY Journalism Curriculum for Homeschoolers

DIY Journalism Curriculum

My 14-year-old daughter is very interested in pursuing a career in journalism, specifically investigative journalism. When I first looked online for a journalism curriculum for high schoolers—one that dove into more than just the how-to's of crafting an article—I didn't find anything very comprehensive. Since I wasn't satisfied with the ready-made curriculum, I decided to […]

The Absurdity and Irregularity of English Pronunciation


English is a very complicated language. Many English words, due to their roots in a variety of languages such as French, Greek, German, and Latin, are known to be exceptionally hard to spell and pronounce correctly. Sure, as homeschoolers we like to entertain the idea that there are actually English spelling and pronunciation "rules" that […]

How To Teach Commas in a Series


If you're a grammar-nerd like myself, you probably hold a strong opinion about the proper use of commas in a series. But even if you aren't passionate about this particular punctuation, you still use commas in a series when you write, and you'll probably be teaching your children how to use them properly as well. […]

OYAN Writing Workshop

Jerah and Jaden on the last day of the workshop with Mr. & Mrs. S, the (totally awesome) creators of the One Year Adventure Novel curriculum

Jaden, Jerah, and I spent the last week in Olathe, Kansas, attending the 4-day One Year Adventure Novel (OYAN) summer workshop. The workshop was an extension of the excellent creative writing curriculum that I've raved about and reviewed before. The Workshop Experience I can't say enough about how incredible the workshop was. The session speakers were […]