Memory Pegs (How to Help Your Children Learn More & Improve Their Memory)

Memory Pegs: Help your children learn better

This post is part two of my series "How to Help Your Children Learn More & Improve Their Memory." If you missed it, you can read the introduction to the series here. Both children and adults learn better when new information can be related to information that is already known. New information that is completely unfamiliar […]

How to Help Your Children Learn More & Improve Their Memory

How to Help Children Learn More and Improve Their Memory (a homeschooling series)

Sponges. That’s how many people describe children. Kids naturally soak up all the information they see and hear without much effort at all, right? Likening children to sponges might be true in some respects, but I don’t think it fits all children, and especially not children as they get older. Are Children Really Sponges? I’m […]

Keeping Up With The Joneses — Struggling With Comparing Our Homeschool to Others

Keeping Up With The (Homeschool) Joneses

I'm sure you never compare your homeschool with other homeschools.You are always satisfied with what you are doing and accomplishing. But…. You know the Joneses. They're the perfect homeschooling family that lives down the street from you. Ten kids, all well-dressed and perfectly well-behaved. The mom wakes at dawn every morning, bright-eyed and cheery, to […]