Free Math Worksheet Printables: Clocks, Graph Paper, Coordinate Planes, Number Lines, and More!

Free Math Printables Every Homeschool Needs!

As with most of the printables I create, they are the result of necessity. And this one is no different. My 9th grader is taking algebra this year so I've found myself printing off various coordinate planes and number lines over the last several months. Frankly, I'm getting tired of having to go to Google […]

Changes in States of Matter Printable Worksheets (Solid, Liquid, Gas & Plasma)

States of Matter, free printable chart & worksheet from

These free printable worksheets will illustrate visually the changes in states of matter  for solids, liquids, gases and plasma. For those of us who are visual learners, it's hard to remember a long list of polysyllabic terms—let alone understand them—without seeing it illustrated on paper. The subject of states of matter is one such topic […]

Free Story Starter Ideas for Writers

Fresh and free story starter ideas for fiction, in just about any genre. Great for writers!

Does your child draw a blank when told to write creatively? Is it hard for them to come up with a story starter? Does your child love to write stories? My 13-year-old daughter adores writing, especially since she was introduced to the One Year Adventure Novel curriculum a few years ago. But really, she comes by […]

Resources for Teaching Children About Idioms

How to Teach Your Kids about Idioms

Teaching children about idioms beyond an explanation every time one comes up can be challenging but it is a necessary life skill. One could argue that the study of idioms falls under the umbrella of the three R’s, but in reality, idioms are generally taught—if at all—only haphazardly in regular language arts curriculum. Yet understanding […]