How to Learn Latin…and Learn it Well


Jerah is currently enrolled in an online Latin class taught by Dwane Thomas, creator of Visual Latin. Last week in one of Dwane's emails to his students he answered a question posed to him on the Visual Latin forum. I liked what he wrote so much I asked Dwane if it would be okay if […]

Why Should I Learn Latin?


Why would I ever consider teaching latin to my homeschoolers? We live in america and latin is a dead language, right? When we first starting homeschooling and I was researching curriculum, I quickly realized there were a lot of homeschoolers out there teaching Latin to their children. Honestly, at first I thought they were just […]

Choosing to Learn Latin


What foreign language would you choose to study? Is learning Latin a good choice? I'm planning to include Rosetta Stone Spanish in our curriculum beginning next year, and my girls have been very excited about the prospect. But Jaden has seemed less than enthusiastic about learning Spanish, so today I asked him what language he […]