Our 2015-2016 Homeschool Curriculum Plan

Our Homeschool Curriculum plan for 8th, and 11th/12th grade,

Last year's curriculum plan, as usual, changed a bit. One of the changes was that we ended up dropping home ec about 3 months in to the school year because of stress and time constraints while we were fostering 2 little boys (it's a long story). But this coming year, we're hoping to stay on track better. One reason […]

Homeschool Curriculum Sale!

homeschool curriculum sale

Listed below are the books and curriculum we are no longer using. If you're interested in purchasing any of this curriculum, please contact me through this form at the bottom of this page. All books will be shipped media mail, and I will charge you only actual shipping costs (+ insurance if requested). Payment is accepted […]

Memory Pegs (How to Help Your Children Learn More & Improve Their Memory)

Memory Pegs: Help your children learn better

This post is part two of my series "How to Help Your Children Learn More & Improve Their Memory." If you missed it, you can read the introduction to the series here. Both children and adults learn better when new information can be related to information that is already known. New information that is completely unfamiliar […]