Five J's

I'm Joy, a 30-something, work-from-home, homeschooling mom. I'm wife to Jeff and mother to Jaden, Jerah, and Joely.

We've been homeschooling since 2005, when my children were 3, 6, and 8, and it's been a challenging, yet rewarding experience. My husband and I want to raise our children to know God and to be lifelong learners, and homeschooling has been an exciting way to achieve that goal.

I've successfully completed five years of college, but I still don't have an official degree. In 2001, I nearly completed nursing school, but dropped out to give birth to my third child. I have since been able to stay at home with my children, where I really want to…and need to be.

My husband is the full-time worship leader at our church, and I teach piano lessons and run a graphic/web design business from home.

I'm a chocoholic. A bookaholic. A grammar-nazi. And a Jesus Freak. I'm not a great cook, but I aspire to be. I've also been called a geek more times than I care to say.

If you have a question, feel free to contact me here.

Thanks for stopping by!